Quit Day – 10 am

It’s finally here.  I’ve been up for about an hour, took a shower, had some coffee and I’m writing this with my first lozenge; curious to see if/how this will help.  I’m usually on my third or fourth ‘rette by now:  so far, so good.  Got rid of all my smoking stuff like ashtrays, lighters, etc., last night and put toothpicks and straws around the house to help manage the hand-to-mouth, oral fixation habit.  If I can get through a few days, I expect that to be the challenge as opposed to nicotine withdrawal.

A few things I know to expect from previous quit efforts:  1) coughing up the craps in my lungs is like scraping the ash residue from a chimney; 2) the urges will come in waves; those moments will be bad, but they will pass…until another one comes 15, 20, 30 minutes later; 3) manage the mind games: I can’t quit for the rest of my life today, I can just not smoke today, this morning, this particular minute.  For me, making the task more epic sets up failure; too much to handle, too easy to give up and give in.

The lozenge is not bad, they last awhile.  Gotta go, getting out of the house to go get a haircut.


2 Responses to “Quit Day – 10 am”

  1. Aileen Says:

    My experience with quitting absolutely hinged on my thinking that I only had to get throuhg today. Maybe i would smoke tomorrow and maybe I wouldn’t. When I had enough days behind me then it became, do I want to ruin what I have done to date?????

  2. jerseyyankee Says:

    Thanks, Aileen, appreciate the input and support.

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