Quit Day – 7:30 pm

Just back from Rutgers; it went OK.  The carbon monoxide testing was interesting.  They have a device to measure the amount in your blood.  My average reading pre-quit had been about 25 (I think it’s parts per million,but not sure).  They say non-smokers register about 4; someone suffering from smoke inhalation from a fire might register 85.  My reading today less than 24 hours after quitting? Seven.  So, there’s that…

It’s been really difficult since mid-afternoon: nervous, anxious, restless, not much appetite.  I think I’ve had about five lozenges so far.  They seem to helping as are the straws for chewing and holding between my fingers like a ‘rette.


2 Responses to “Quit Day – 7:30 pm”

  1. Meghan Merriman Says:

    I am continually on Haleigh and Maeve’s case about how disgusting smoking is and what it does to your body. They are at the point if they see someone smoking they say “that’s DISGUSTING mommy right?” To which I reply “you are right” and hope they person didnt hear them or maybe that would be their turning point. Anyway… I told your great neice(I know you are not old enough to have a great neice) Haleigh today that her Uncle Steven quit smoking. Her response YEAH!! I will continue to think of you and offer you any support you may need. Having never been a smoker my support may be limited but we are all here for you! Love you Meg, Scott and the girls

  2. jerseyyankee Says:

    Thanks, honey, I really appreciate the moral support. Just made it thru my first 24 hours…so far, so good.

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