Jerald terHorst RIP

Don’t remember him?  Not surprised; neither did I till I saw his obit today.  He served for about a month as President Ford’s press secretary following Tricky Dick’s resignation. In 1975, the American Society of Journalists and Authors named terHorst the first winner of its annual Conscience in Media Award.

Here’s why:

On September 8, Ford granted Nixon an unconditional pardon, and terHorst tendered his resignation the same day.

“As your spokesman, I do not know how I could credibly defend that action in the absence of a like decision to grant absolute pardon to the young men who evaded Vietnam military service as a matter of conscience and the absence of pardons for former aides and associates of Mr. Nixon who have been charged with crimes – and imprisoned – stemming from the same Watergate situation,” terHorst wrote in his resignation letter, dated September 8, 1974.

“These are also men whose reputations and families have been grievously injured,” the letter continued. “Try as I can, it is impossible to conclude that the former president is more deserving of mercy than persons of lesser station in life whose offenses have had far less effect on our national wellbeing.”

Can anyone even imagine anyone in DC taking a stand like this today?  Didn’t think so.


One Response to “Jerald terHorst RIP”

  1. John K Says:

    Wow! An ethical person in the Nixon-Ford administration. His comparison to Vietnam conscientious objectors was perfect.

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