Speaking of RIP…

…I was just reminded that my brother Peter passed two years ago today from lung cancer.  Shame on me for forgetting the day.  There are some days, but not people, that you want to forget.

Yeah, I know, lung cancer.  I lost my dad from the same thing almost 25 years ago and nearly my other brother Billy about 10-15 years ago. 

Good plan for me to be smoking all this time, eh?  Not like it runs in the family or anything. 

Miss Pete, and my dad, very, very much….


2 Responses to “Speaking of RIP…”

  1. John K Says:

    Even with such powerful motivation, it’s tough. Our hectic, nerve-racking lifestyles make it even tougher. Use that motivation, and when the craving hits, try to distract yourself. Put on some Springsteen or Tull or whomever to relax. Good luck over the weekend.

  2. jerseyyankee Says:

    Thanks, man, so far today is a bit better than yesterday, but still…. Have a good weekend yourself.

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