Deuces Wild!

I registered a two — that’s right, a freakin’ two — on the carbon monoxide test at my weekly Rutgers visit today.   Two weeks ago, as a full-time smoker, I hit as high as 27; you’d think I’d been sucking on the tailpipe of a school bus.  Last week, after less than a day clean, I hit seven.  Today, a freakin’ two.  Simply amazing.


2 Responses to “Deuces Wild!”

  1. John K Says:

    That’s terrific! The worst should be behind you. Cravings aside, how are you feeling physically? More wind yet? Increased appetite? Keep it up.
    2 out of 3 from the Red Sox (and should have won first game)!!!

  2. jerseyyankee Says:

    Feeling and breathing better for sure, and my appetite has been mostly consistent. Yeah, beating the Sox never gets old.

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