This Just In…

Yanks are really good, Mets mostly suck.  The Yanks go on the road and win both series from their two toughest competitors; Mets lose both series at home to one middlin’ and one awful division rival.  That pretty much tells you everything you need to know.  Any questions? 

Oh, and I really feel like smoking today…but won’t.


2 Responses to “This Just In…”

  1. John K Says:

    How great was Granderson’s tenth inning homer, wiping the badass smirk off Papelbon’s face?
    You mentioned the ciggie free drive to your mom’s. Where is she living these days?

  2. jerseyyankee Says:

    Papelbon’s not half as good as he thinks he is. She lives in Jackson, about an hour each way from here.

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