NBA Playoffs

I love the NBA playoffs, which start this weekend, and they promise to provide some fun and exciting hoops, but limited drama in terms of the getting to the Finals and winning the title.

It’s hard to predict any Finals matchup other than Lakers-Cavs or Lakers-Magic.  I don’t think Denver, Dallas or Phoenix can take the Lakers in a seven-game series out West, and I don’t see Boston, Miami or Atlanta challenging the top two in the East.  

In Round 1, I think the Cavs and Magic advance easily, Atlanta over Milwaukee in six and the Heat taking out the Celts in seven for two reasons:  the Celtics best players are too old with too much tread on the tires (and Rasheed Wallace has been a disaster — shocking, I know) and Miami has the best player on the floor in Wade.

In the West, the Lakers win easily, although watching Durant will be fun, and Dallas, Phoenix and Denver should advance, likely all in six or seven.


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