Week 3

And so it begins…or, actually, continues.  The behaviors and habits that previously encouraged and enabled me to smoke are now being reversed into non-smoking habits.  My non-smoking tools (straws, lozenges, writing this, etc.) are slowly but steadily becoming replacement habits for the times I used to light up.

Two interesting things came up during my counseling session at Rutgers last night.

First, I realized that I was waiting until late morning or midday, after coffee and breakfast, before taking my first lozenge.  This period was also among the most difficult periods of urges and temptations.  So, beginning today, I took a lozenge immediately upon waking up which lessened the urges dramatically.  That will definitely become a new habit.

Second, a question was raised about how I would be affected, how I would handle and what I would do if I relapsed.  I didn’t have an answer, at least not a good one.  Statistically, most people have relapses; even successful quitters usually require a few times to get it right.  I’m so invested in this, I haven’t really allowed myself to consider “failure” — even a temporary one — and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  I need to ponder this one a bit more which is why I decided to write about it.


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