Weekend Wrap

Some random thoughts:

  • For some reason, weekends are still more difficult with the smoking thing, but overall it does keep getting easier and the lozenges seem to more effective as time goes on.
  • All is right in America, i.e., the Yanks are rolling, the Mets and Red Sox suck.  Pinstripers aren’t even hitting on all cylinders yet, but are still off to their best start in decades.  ARod, Tex, Swisher and Nick Johnson aren’t hitting .200 combined and have only hit one dinger apiece, but they have walked 40 times in the first dozen games.
  • So far, the NBA playoffs are boring and predictable; some of these first-round matchups are like the 1 vs. 16 games in the NCAA Tournament.
  • The NHL playoffs are exciting and much less predictable.  Is there anything better than an OT playoff game in the NHL?
  • Too much great TV bunched together on Sunday nights (no, I don’t mean Jon Miller and Joe Morgan butchering another baseball game on ESPN).   HBO has The Pacific and now Treme, while AMC gives us Breaking Bad.  Thank God for On Demand.
  • I wasn’t paying attention — did Sarah Palin say anything stupid this weekend?  For a six-figure fee, of course.
  • How long before the wingnuts start blaming Obama or Al Gore for the volcanic ash in Europe?  Oh, wait.   You can always count on Comedian, Drug Addict and Underage Sex Tourist Rush Limbaugh to deliver.

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