South Park And The Crazy Muslims

Yes, of course Comedy Central is spineless and gutless for giving in to absurd threats from some NYC Muslim group that doesn’t appreciate the humor of South Park.  No real surprise there.  What is surprising to me is conventional wisdom that Muslims have a monopoly on intimidation-based censorship based on religious and political beliefs.

Anyone recall Sinead O’Connor and how well her career went after tearing up a picture of the Pope in protest of the sexual abuse crisis — ten years ago!  Man, she sure got that wrong, eh?  Seen her lately?  Me neither.  For all I know, she might have Rapunzel hair by now.  It wasn’t Muslims protesting her.

Seen Natalie Merchant and the Dixie Chicks lately.  Remember her?   She dared to say something not quite complimentary enough about Dear Leader during a concert in London.   It wasn’t Muslims protesting them and burning their CDs.

Forget how Ashleigh Banfield, Phil Donahue and Bill Maher lost their jobs for not being appropriately supportive enough of Operation Iraqi Freedom? You remember — the one where we found those WMDs.  Oh yeah, right.  It wasn’t Muslims who got them fired.


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