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Weekend Wrap

April 19, 2010

Some random thoughts:

  • For some reason, weekends are still more difficult with the smoking thing, but overall it does keep getting easier and the lozenges seem to more effective as time goes on.
  • All is right in America, i.e., the Yanks are rolling, the Mets and Red Sox suck.  Pinstripers aren’t even hitting on all cylinders yet, but are still off to their best start in decades.  ARod, Tex, Swisher and Nick Johnson aren’t hitting .200 combined and have only hit one dinger apiece, but they have walked 40 times in the first dozen games.
  • So far, the NBA playoffs are boring and predictable; some of these first-round matchups are like the 1 vs. 16 games in the NCAA Tournament.
  • The NHL playoffs are exciting and much less predictable.  Is there anything better than an OT playoff game in the NHL?
  • Too much great TV bunched together on Sunday nights (no, I don’t mean Jon Miller and Joe Morgan butchering another baseball game on ESPN).   HBO has The Pacific and now Treme, while AMC gives us Breaking Bad.  Thank God for On Demand.
  • I wasn’t paying attention — did Sarah Palin say anything stupid this weekend?  For a six-figure fee, of course.
  • How long before the wingnuts start blaming Obama or Al Gore for the volcanic ash in Europe?  Oh, wait.   You can always count on Comedian, Drug Addict and Underage Sex Tourist Rush Limbaugh to deliver.

Week 3

April 16, 2010

And so it begins…or, actually, continues.  The behaviors and habits that previously encouraged and enabled me to smoke are now being reversed into non-smoking habits.  My non-smoking tools (straws, lozenges, writing this, etc.) are slowly but steadily becoming replacement habits for the times I used to light up.

Two interesting things came up during my counseling session at Rutgers last night.

First, I realized that I was waiting until late morning or midday, after coffee and breakfast, before taking my first lozenge.  This period was also among the most difficult periods of urges and temptations.  So, beginning today, I took a lozenge immediately upon waking up which lessened the urges dramatically.  That will definitely become a new habit.

Second, a question was raised about how I would be affected, how I would handle and what I would do if I relapsed.  I didn’t have an answer, at least not a good one.  Statistically, most people have relapses; even successful quitters usually require a few times to get it right.  I’m so invested in this, I haven’t really allowed myself to consider “failure” — even a temporary one — and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.  I need to ponder this one a bit more which is why I decided to write about it.

NBA Playoffs

April 15, 2010

I love the NBA playoffs, which start this weekend, and they promise to provide some fun and exciting hoops, but limited drama in terms of the getting to the Finals and winning the title.

It’s hard to predict any Finals matchup other than Lakers-Cavs or Lakers-Magic.  I don’t think Denver, Dallas or Phoenix can take the Lakers in a seven-game series out West, and I don’t see Boston, Miami or Atlanta challenging the top two in the East.  

In Round 1, I think the Cavs and Magic advance easily, Atlanta over Milwaukee in six and the Heat taking out the Celts in seven for two reasons:  the Celtics best players are too old with too much tread on the tires (and Rasheed Wallace has been a disaster — shocking, I know) and Miami has the best player on the floor in Wade.

In the West, the Lakers win easily, although watching Durant will be fun, and Dallas, Phoenix and Denver should advance, likely all in six or seven.

Week 2 (cont’d)

April 14, 2010

Nearing the end of my second, non-smoking week.  It seems better in retrospect than it does in the moment.  By that I mean the urges, when they come, are still difficult and challenging but manageable.  When I look back on the two weeks, it doesn’t seem like it’s been all that bad; when I’m having an urge, it still feels as annoying as ever.  Obviously, at this point, I’m fighting the habit more than the physical addiction, and the straws and lozenges continue to help with both. 

This Just In…

April 12, 2010

Yanks are really good, Mets mostly suck.  The Yanks go on the road and win both series from their two toughest competitors; Mets lose both series at home to one middlin’ and one awful division rival.  That pretty much tells you everything you need to know.  Any questions? 

Oh, and I really feel like smoking today…but won’t.

What A Week!

April 11, 2010

This is traditionally a great sports week and, like the weather this week, it hasn’t disappointed.  Starting with the thrilling NCAA hoops final on Monday, the opening of baseball season and The Masters this weekend there’s been much excitement and drama.  Just yesterday, the remarkable three holes (eagle, eagle, birdie) by Mickelson and a near-no-hitter by Sabathia; today, more baseball, what is certain to be a dramatic final round of golf and the Rangers battling the Flyers for the final NHL playoff spot. 

Great stuff.

Week 2 (cont’d)

April 10, 2010

Last week, Saturday was my most difficult day and it’s the same thing today; just can’t get comfortable.  I did some errands this morning and then went down to visit my mom.  Helped her out with a few things and came back home to watch the Yanks and the Masters.  My drive to her house — more than two hours round trip — is the longest trip I’ve taken w/o smoking in my car in years.  All I can say is, I made it.

I’m With Stupid

April 9, 2010

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann interviewed by Sean Hannity on his show last night.  The jokes write themselves; a Saturday Night Live routine or Daily Show segment just waiting to happen. 

First off, the simple notion of these three make you throw up in the back of your throat.      

Second, this brilliant analysis of the President’s by the dimwitted, half-Governor leaves your head spinning.  The President’s proposals for the global reduction of nuclear weapons is like kids fighting on a playground?  Really?  That’s you contribution to nuclear policy? 

Then finally, and maybe the worst part, the President is forced to respond to this nonsense by Snuffleupagus.  Can’t we all just agree that when it comes to serious stuff like nuclear arms reduction, it’s adult swim and we ignore the children and throw them out of the pool? 

Is that too much to ask of the so-called liberal media?

Week 2 – 10 am

April 9, 2010

More than anything else right now, it’s the restless sleep.  I haven’t slept well for days now and it’s getting annoying.  Not sure what the connection is or the physical cause, but there has to be one.  Time to start sucking on lozenges.

Deuces Wild!

April 8, 2010

I registered a two — that’s right, a freakin’ two — on the carbon monoxide test at my weekly Rutgers visit today.   Two weeks ago, as a full-time smoker, I hit as high as 27; you’d think I’d been sucking on the tailpipe of a school bus.  Last week, after less than a day clean, I hit seven.  Today, a freakin’ two.  Simply amazing.