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Excuse Me, Uh, Israel…Cont’d

May 31, 2010

Uh-oh, looks like Bibi cancelled his Obama meeting.

The Israelis are claiming self-defense; they’re calling the civilians — on a flotilla in international waters facing a dawn commando raid from one of the world’s best militaries — “rioters” and “aggressors.”


Mr. President?  A statement, please.


Excuse Me, Uh, Israel…

May 31, 2010


Can you imagine the reaction if Iran did this?  Of course, anyone indelicate enough to point this out – say, Obama, when he meets this week with Netan-Yahoo – will immediately be labeled an anti-Semite.

RIP Dennis Hopper

May 31, 2010

Hopper, who died this weekend from cancer at 74, was one of the most interesting, albeit erratic, actors of his generation.  From having the good sense to make his film debut in Rebel Without A Cause to practically inventing (with Peter Fonda, of course) the modern independent film with Easy Rider, he left an indelible mark.

Classic Hollywood story:  there was so much arguing between Hopper, who co-wrote and directed Easy Rider, and Rip Torn (Zed from the Men In Black films), that Torn quit and was replaced by…wait for it…Jack Nicholson in his first breakout role.

Most of Hopper’s most memorable moments were just that…moments.  Like the drugged-out journalist in Apocalypse Now, or the alcoholic dad Shooter in Hoosiers, or the classic, Tarantino-written scene in True Romance where his ex-cop dad tries to protect his son from gangster Christopher Walken.  

For me, there’s one performance that stands above all others:  the psychopath Frank Booth in David Lynch’s 1986 classic Blue Velvet.  For my money, it’s second only to Raging Bull among the best movies of the 1980s…and Hopper deserves much of the credit for that.


Luck Of The Irish

May 29, 2010

Well, not exactly luck for the Celts to be moving on to The Finals.  Like I said in a previous post, the series will turn on Paul Pierce and Vince Carter.  Oops.  No real contest there, eh? 

I expect the Suns to win tonight and send it to Game 7, but I won’t believe they can beat the Lakers until I see it.  It’s the best Suns team we’ve seen in a while, deeper with better D than ever, but still… 

Now, as for who will win the Stanley Cup between the Canadians and the Sharks (as I predicted):   wait…what??

Yo, Paulie

May 24, 2010

Note to Rand Paul:  Your 15 minutes are just about up.  That was quick, huh?  See, here’s the thing:  If you don’t want journalists — I’m looking at you, Rachel Maddow — to ask you questions about what you actually believe and how you might vote on real issues, you know, other than whether Obama is a Kenyan-born Nazi, stay off the teevee.  Cancel on Meet The Press?  Now you’re getting it.

Why don’t you just do like your girlfriend, Half-Governor Dimwit of Alaska, does:  start a Facebook page and have people post nutty stuff for you that no one can ask you about.   Like why you might be against civil rights, fair housing, minimum wage and those awful things the big, bad federal government can do to you?

Funny thing, though.  You’re not opposed to federal coal subsidies that benefit Kentucky, or federal Medicare payments that benefit your own ophthalmology business or federal laws outlawing abortion.  Yeah, that shit’s OK; it’s just allowing black people to eat at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, or disabled people to get housing is a bridge too far.

Not to worry.  It’s not like those positions will hurt you in Kentucky.   After all, it’s…you know…Kentucky.

Oil And Water

May 24, 2010

Anybody else tired of BP and this freaking oil disaster in the Gulf?   This shit’s been going on for more than a month now, and no real end in sight.

So, OK, two things.  First:  Alert to our wonderful media.  Can we please stop calling this either a “leak” or a “spill?”  A leak is when my faucet drips water in my sink; a spill is when I knock my drink on my coffee table.  Have you seen the video?  This is a gusher spewing millions of gallons of oil.   Words matter and we’re using the wrong ones.

Two, BP, please just get the fuck out.  We’ll take it from here.   This is an absolute disaster situation for the US and the government needs to take it over.  Implode that sucker, cap that well, whatever we have to do.  Do it now

You BP guys fucked it up big time and seem to have no idea how to fix it.  A junk shot?  Really?   If we see you guys anywhere near this thing, we’ll have the Coast Guard sink your freaking ship.  Got it?  Go home and wait for the bill.  We’ll give you 30 days to pay before we start loading it up with interest.

Are we clear?


May 23, 2010

I’ve been lazy and cranky all week, so I’ve avoided writing anything new.  Everything kinda sucks right now:  the Yanks have been lethargic and mostly uninspired for the last ten days or so, the NBA/NHL playoffs absolutely blow and the Nets lost the lottery.   Other than that, things are great.  Still not smoking, so at least there’s that.  But enough of this, I’m working on a couple of rants, one on BP, one on Rand Paul.  Stay tuned.

Here We Go…

May 16, 2010

No, not the Bud Light commercial, just another feeble attempt by me to predict the Conference Finals in the NBA and NHL…Utah over the Lakers?  Really, Steven?

I’ll keep it short.  In the NBA, I didn’t think the Celtics had a prayer this year with their age and injuries, but they’ve played great defense, Garnett seems to be healthier than he’s been in a long time and Rondo has stepped up to lead them.  Orlando, however, is unbeaten in the playoffs so far and has home court.  I think the key is who plays better:  Pierce or Vince Carter?  If Carter is ready to compete (read:  actually try hard), I like the Magic in seven, maybe six.  If not

Hate the Lakers, root against the Lakers, don’t want to pick the Lakers, but…their great size will likely doom the Suns like it did the Jazz in five or six games.  The Suns will need big efforts from Barbosa and Richardson, among others, to make this competitive.

The NHL is wide open.  How wild is it that the West features 1 vs. 2 while the East has 7 vs. 8?  In the East, the Flyers just completed a remarkable comeback from 3-0 down, not to mention 3-0 down in Game 7 on the road, but the Habs have beaten the top team (Caps) and the defending champs (Pens) with game 7 road wins in each series.  I like Montreal here.

In the West, San Jose has been one of the league’s best regular season teams with playoff disappointments in the past few years, and the Blackhawks have built a championship contender for the first time in about 50 years (their last Cup was in 1961).  I say the Sharks in seven.

Nazi Tourette’s

May 13, 2010

As I reach six weeks of not smoking today, I decided to celebrate with a new classic from one of my favorite comedians, Lewis Black, as he eviscerates a moron.

Something New

May 12, 2010

One of the reasons to watch sports is that you really can, and often do, see something new and/or different every day.  Last night , it happened in the NBA playoffs.

I’ve been watching basketball for more than 40 years, and never, ever have I seen one of the league’s premier players performer like LeBron against the Celts.   I’ve seen them play a bad game, have a bad shooting game, even make bad decisions, but not disappear in such a passive fashion that you forget they’re even on the court.

Not Jordan.  Not Bird.  Not Magic.  Not Doc.  Not Kareem.  Not Hondo.  Not West.  Not Wilt.  Ever.

The real shocker now would be if the Cavs survive Game 6 in Boston.  And the more interesting thing is what does this mean for where James plays next year.  Can you imagine the NYC tabloids if he ever put up a game like in MSG?  Oh, the humanity!