Terrorist Fireball Engulfs NYC!!!!!

What?  Nothing really happened?  Are you sure?  There’s round-the-clock Special Bulletins on cable news.

Wait, you mean an SUV with gasoline, firecrackers, alarm clocks, propane tanks with shut-off valves and bags of non-explosive fertilizer (you need ammonium nitrate, morons) didn’t decimate Times Square?  Who made this thing, Wile E. Coyote?

Seriously, it’s embarrassing.  When did we become a country that shits the bed every time something goes boom?  Yeah, I know, planes into buildings, but a smoking car in NYC?  Really?

Have you seen this guy?   What do you think?  Al-Qaeda?  Taliban?  More likely a Glenn Beck viewer who friends Sarah Palin on Facebook and demands to see Obama’s birth certificate.

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown:  Good grief.


One Response to “Terrorist Fireball Engulfs NYC!!!!!”

  1. Oh Please Says:

    Oklahoma City started with a truck filled with smoke. I guess that the fuse did not work.

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