I Need A Smoke…

OK, just kidding, but this morning I hear the President is appointing Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court?  Ugh.  I presented my views on this, thanks to some great research by Glenn Greenwald, in a previous post.

Why do Dems always compromise and take the easy way out, especially on stuff as important as this which could impact us for decades?  Why can’t we fight for a progressive jurist like Judge Wood?  Did the GOP compromise in giving us neanderthals like Roberts and Alito? 

This comes after a weekend where the Attorney Freakin’ General suggests we may need to dilute Miranda rights for terrorism suspects.  WTF????  When will this President begin dismantling the Bush/Cheney national security state and reestablish the Constitutional limitations on executive authority, end military commissions and indefinite detention, close fucking Guantanamo Bay?  Apparently, never.  This is why we need a strong progressive voice on the Supreme Court.  Instead, he gives us Kagan.

Disappointing, discouraging.  This is not what we voted for.


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