Something New

One of the reasons to watch sports is that you really can, and often do, see something new and/or different every day.  Last night , it happened in the NBA playoffs.

I’ve been watching basketball for more than 40 years, and never, ever have I seen one of the league’s premier players performer like LeBron against the Celts.   I’ve seen them play a bad game, have a bad shooting game, even make bad decisions, but not disappear in such a passive fashion that you forget they’re even on the court.

Not Jordan.  Not Bird.  Not Magic.  Not Doc.  Not Kareem.  Not Hondo.  Not West.  Not Wilt.  Ever.

The real shocker now would be if the Cavs survive Game 6 in Boston.  And the more interesting thing is what does this mean for where James plays next year.  Can you imagine the NYC tabloids if he ever put up a game like in MSG?  Oh, the humanity!


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