Here We Go…

No, not the Bud Light commercial, just another feeble attempt by me to predict the Conference Finals in the NBA and NHL…Utah over the Lakers?  Really, Steven?

I’ll keep it short.  In the NBA, I didn’t think the Celtics had a prayer this year with their age and injuries, but they’ve played great defense, Garnett seems to be healthier than he’s been in a long time and Rondo has stepped up to lead them.  Orlando, however, is unbeaten in the playoffs so far and has home court.  I think the key is who plays better:  Pierce or Vince Carter?  If Carter is ready to compete (read:  actually try hard), I like the Magic in seven, maybe six.  If not

Hate the Lakers, root against the Lakers, don’t want to pick the Lakers, but…their great size will likely doom the Suns like it did the Jazz in five or six games.  The Suns will need big efforts from Barbosa and Richardson, among others, to make this competitive.

The NHL is wide open.  How wild is it that the West features 1 vs. 2 while the East has 7 vs. 8?  In the East, the Flyers just completed a remarkable comeback from 3-0 down, not to mention 3-0 down in Game 7 on the road, but the Habs have beaten the top team (Caps) and the defending champs (Pens) with game 7 road wins in each series.  I like Montreal here.

In the West, San Jose has been one of the league’s best regular season teams with playoff disappointments in the past few years, and the Blackhawks have built a championship contender for the first time in about 50 years (their last Cup was in 1961).  I say the Sharks in seven.


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