Oil And Water

Anybody else tired of BP and this freaking oil disaster in the Gulf?   This shit’s been going on for more than a month now, and no real end in sight.

So, OK, two things.  First:  Alert to our wonderful media.  Can we please stop calling this either a “leak” or a “spill?”  A leak is when my faucet drips water in my sink; a spill is when I knock my drink on my coffee table.  Have you seen the video?  This is a gusher spewing millions of gallons of oil.   Words matter and we’re using the wrong ones.

Two, BP, please just get the fuck out.  We’ll take it from here.   This is an absolute disaster situation for the US and the government needs to take it over.  Implode that sucker, cap that well, whatever we have to do.  Do it now

You BP guys fucked it up big time and seem to have no idea how to fix it.  A junk shot?  Really?   If we see you guys anywhere near this thing, we’ll have the Coast Guard sink your freaking ship.  Got it?  Go home and wait for the bill.  We’ll give you 30 days to pay before we start loading it up with interest.

Are we clear?


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