Yo, Paulie

Note to Rand Paul:  Your 15 minutes are just about up.  That was quick, huh?  See, here’s the thing:  If you don’t want journalists — I’m looking at you, Rachel Maddow — to ask you questions about what you actually believe and how you might vote on real issues, you know, other than whether Obama is a Kenyan-born Nazi, stay off the teevee.  Cancel on Meet The Press?  Now you’re getting it.

Why don’t you just do like your girlfriend, Half-Governor Dimwit of Alaska, does:  start a Facebook page and have people post nutty stuff for you that no one can ask you about.   Like why you might be against civil rights, fair housing, minimum wage and those awful things the big, bad federal government can do to you?

Funny thing, though.  You’re not opposed to federal coal subsidies that benefit Kentucky, or federal Medicare payments that benefit your own ophthalmology business or federal laws outlawing abortion.  Yeah, that shit’s OK; it’s just allowing black people to eat at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, or disabled people to get housing is a bridge too far.

Not to worry.  It’s not like those positions will hurt you in Kentucky.   After all, it’s…you know…Kentucky.


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