Please Make It Stop

This is just all too predictable.   Something happens in sports that transcends the sport pages and pundits, politicians and other idiots who wouldn’t know  a baseball if it hit them in the head feel a need to get involved.

The ump missed the call, simple as that.  Happens all the time.  Ask Don Denkinger (1985 World Series) and Rich Garcia (Jeter homer in 1996 Playoffs).  Joyce and Galarraga have both handled this with remarkable class and grace; no one feels worse about this than Joyce, who happens to be an excellent umpire.  They made their peace with it this afternoon in a rather touching moment at home plate before today’s game.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Galarraga gets more notoriety than if he actually pitched a perfect game.  These two will be going to dinners and signing autographs together long after they’ve both retired.  They are now inextricably linked in baseball lore.

Everyone else, from the Governor of Michigan to the Commissioner:  STFU.


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