All Things Sacred

Whoa, boy, the wingnuts have been up in arms all week as many of our”sacred” institutions are apparently coming under attack.

Let’s start with the Ground Zero Mosque which, funny thing, is neither at Ground Zero, nor a mosque, but these people never let facts get in the way of a good story.   And, by these people, I’m looking at you former NYC Mayor Baldy Mc9/11 and you Half-Governor Caribou Barbie, among many, many others, most shamefully Abe Foxman and ADL.  Religious freedom?  Nah.  Tolerance for the rights of minority groups?  No thanks, we’ll pass.

It appears some unnamed, unknown people’s feelings will be hurt to have the “mosque” near the “sacred” ground of the Twin Towers.  Any chance that might include the families of the dozens of American Muslims who died in the attack or did we forget about them?   And, by the way, how far does this “sacred” ground go?  Two blocks is too close?  How about four? Six? Central Park West maybe?  Could someone just draw us a map?

Utter, embarrassing nonsense.  All of it.  The only sacred thing coming under attack here is the freedom to practice one’s religion — an absolute cornerstone of our country.  Just read this courageous and eloquent defense of religious freedom and tolerance by Mayor Bloomberg.

Simple as that.  Case closed.  Everyone else STFU.

Gotta go to bed, more tomorrow.


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