Random Thought…

…on a rainy Sunday afternoon:  is any actor having a better year on TV than James Badge Dale?  Yeah, I know, I’d never heard of him either, at least until this year.  I’m sitting here catching up with the new AMC series Rubicon with On Demand and I’m thinking who is this guy’s agent and whoever he is deserves a raise or a bonus. 

First, the guy gets one of three starring roles in the Spielberg-Hanks-HBO mega-miniseries The Pacific, then the guy gets the lead in this newest AMC series.  Now, that may not sound like much except this is the third original series from AMC, and the first two are Breaking Bad and Mad Men, by acclimation (and I fully concur) the two best series on TV.  Hell, the only thing on broadcast TV even in the class of these two is Friday Night Lights and that wouldn’t even be on the air if it weren’t for DirecTV.

It’s too soon for an opinion on Rubicon, but The Pacific has the most Emmy nominations this year and the other two AMC series have dominated show, acting and writing nominations and awards for the past three.

Most prestigious miniseries and most anticipated new show and this “unknown” guy scores them both.  I’m just sayin’….that’s a pretty good year.


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