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Titans 29, Giants 10

September 26, 2010

OK, now that’s discouraging.  Mistake, after mistake, after ridiculous mistake…and that’s not an excuse.  Good teams don’t make mistakes like that.

Here’s a stat for you: the Giants never punted in the game.  They outgained Tennessee by 200 yards, scored ten points, lost by 19 and never punted.  Three turnovers — two in the red zone — along with two missed FGs and ELEVEN penalties, including FIVE personal fouls. 

There’s no question.  Right now, this team is mistake-prone and undisciplined.  Let us count just some of the ways:

  • Another tip-ball interception.
  • An awful decision by Eli for an end-zone interception.
  • A chop-block penalty on Bradshaw that negated a 40-yard completion and turned it into nine points (safety and ensuing TD drive).
  • A Bradshaw fumble at the 5-yard line, coupled with a Diehl personal foul.
  • A missed FG, made 5 yards longer by a Delay of Game penalty, and followed with yet another personal foul.

The should beat a bad Carolina team at home, they should lose to a very good Indy team on the road.  This was a winnable home game against another middle-of-the-road, maybe/maybe not playoff team…and they shit the bed.

Doesn’t smell good, doesn’t look good.


Colts 38, Giants 14

September 20, 2010

Not much to say here, by 10 pm I was watching The Glades on A&E.  We got our asses kicked by a more talented, prepared and motivated, championship-caliber team playing its home opener on national TV after a tough Week 1 loss.  In other words, a predictable outcome we should have seen coming.  Doesn’t make it OK, just understandable.

Clearly, we were not ready for this particular challenge on this particular evening.   Let’s move on to next week.

Giants 31, Panthers 18

September 12, 2010

OK, first, that was ugly.  A decidedly mixed bag overall for the Giants who, as a team, I think have a lot of questions to answer.  Unfortunately, in the first half, most of the answers were no.  Running game? No.  Pass rush?  No.  Special teams?  No.  Penalty-free?  No.  Turnover-free?  No.  Somehow, despite all that, they were only down 16-14 at halftime.

The second half, other than yet another tipped ball interception (their third of the game, in addition to a handful of tipped/dropped incompletions) and a blocked punt for a safety, was a marked improvement.  Both the running game and pass rush showed signs of life, special teams was greatly improved, except for that blocked punt, and they had two additional end-zone interceptions.

Like I said, a mixed bag and still a lot of questions, but it’s better to have them after a win than a loss.

One Last Thing:  Hakeem Nicks might be a star.


September 9, 2010

Here we go, NFL football starting tonight with Saints-Vikes.  I don’t know what to think about the Giants: we might win 10 or 11 and win the division; we might win only six or seven and finish last.  Can we run the ball anymore to help the strong passing game?  Can the Phillips-Rolle safety combo mix with a revitalized pass rush to cover the problems at linebacker?  Can our special teams be even a little bit special?  The answers will begin to come Sunday against the Panthers, but don’t forget we started 5-0 last year and finished 8-8.  It’s a long season…

As for the rest of the league, I expect big seasons from some of the usual suspects:  Colts, Saints, Chargers, Vikes, Cowboys.  I expect two recent, consistently strong teams to struggle:  Steelers (w/o Serial Creep Big Ben) and Cardinals (w/o Warner and Leinart flaming out).  Who might surprise with strong years?  Maybe Titans, Texans or Niners?

Super Bowl pick, without seeing a real game yet?   How about Ravens-Packers.

Finally, could the Jets just shut up and play?

Burn, Baby, Burn

September 8, 2010

So, some nutjob Christian pastor from Florida — wait, is that redundant? — is planning to “celebrate” the 9/11 anniversary by burning copies of the Quran.  You know what?  He can.  This is America.  You know, First Amendment, freedom of expression and all that.  No one can, or should be able to, stop him from burning his own stuff on his own property.   Simple, yet important, concept.

Now the corollary is any of us can say he and his followers are ignorant, stupid, Islamophobic, etc.  That’s the deal:  you can pretty much do or say what you want and I can do or say what I want about it.  As I’ve said here before, most recently about Dr. Laura, the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from criticism.

My real problem with this story is General Petraeus inserting himself into this with his nonsense about putting the troops in harm’s way.  First, it’s not OK with me to have uniformed military personnel telling civilians what rights they do and don’t have during wartime.  I wouldn’t want to hear him spout that crap about an anti-war rally or something, so I don’t want to hear it about this.  Something creepy about it.

Second, you want to know what endangers the troops in Afghanistan?  Invading.  Bombing.  Torturing. Imprisoning.   It’s even simpler than that, General.  What really endangers the troops in Afghanistan is…..HAVING TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN!!