Burn, Baby, Burn

So, some nutjob Christian pastor from Florida — wait, is that redundant? — is planning to “celebrate” the 9/11 anniversary by burning copies of the Quran.  You know what?  He can.  This is America.  You know, First Amendment, freedom of expression and all that.  No one can, or should be able to, stop him from burning his own stuff on his own property.   Simple, yet important, concept.

Now the corollary is any of us can say he and his followers are ignorant, stupid, Islamophobic, etc.  That’s the deal:  you can pretty much do or say what you want and I can do or say what I want about it.  As I’ve said here before, most recently about Dr. Laura, the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from criticism.

My real problem with this story is General Petraeus inserting himself into this with his nonsense about putting the troops in harm’s way.  First, it’s not OK with me to have uniformed military personnel telling civilians what rights they do and don’t have during wartime.  I wouldn’t want to hear him spout that crap about an anti-war rally or something, so I don’t want to hear it about this.  Something creepy about it.

Second, you want to know what endangers the troops in Afghanistan?  Invading.  Bombing.  Torturing. Imprisoning.   It’s even simpler than that, General.  What really endangers the troops in Afghanistan is…..HAVING TROOPS IN AFGHANISTAN!!


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