Here we go, NFL football starting tonight with Saints-Vikes.  I don’t know what to think about the Giants: we might win 10 or 11 and win the division; we might win only six or seven and finish last.  Can we run the ball anymore to help the strong passing game?  Can the Phillips-Rolle safety combo mix with a revitalized pass rush to cover the problems at linebacker?  Can our special teams be even a little bit special?  The answers will begin to come Sunday against the Panthers, but don’t forget we started 5-0 last year and finished 8-8.  It’s a long season…

As for the rest of the league, I expect big seasons from some of the usual suspects:  Colts, Saints, Chargers, Vikes, Cowboys.  I expect two recent, consistently strong teams to struggle:  Steelers (w/o Serial Creep Big Ben) and Cardinals (w/o Warner and Leinart flaming out).  Who might surprise with strong years?  Maybe Titans, Texans or Niners?

Super Bowl pick, without seeing a real game yet?   How about Ravens-Packers.

Finally, could the Jets just shut up and play?


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