Giants 31, Panthers 18

OK, first, that was ugly.  A decidedly mixed bag overall for the Giants who, as a team, I think have a lot of questions to answer.  Unfortunately, in the first half, most of the answers were no.  Running game? No.  Pass rush?  No.  Special teams?  No.  Penalty-free?  No.  Turnover-free?  No.  Somehow, despite all that, they were only down 16-14 at halftime.

The second half, other than yet another tipped ball interception (their third of the game, in addition to a handful of tipped/dropped incompletions) and a blocked punt for a safety, was a marked improvement.  Both the running game and pass rush showed signs of life, special teams was greatly improved, except for that blocked punt, and they had two additional end-zone interceptions.

Like I said, a mixed bag and still a lot of questions, but it’s better to have them after a win than a loss.

One Last Thing:  Hakeem Nicks might be a star.


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