Titans 29, Giants 10

OK, now that’s discouraging.  Mistake, after mistake, after ridiculous mistake…and that’s not an excuse.  Good teams don’t make mistakes like that.

Here’s a stat for you: the Giants never punted in the game.  They outgained Tennessee by 200 yards, scored ten points, lost by 19 and never punted.  Three turnovers — two in the red zone — along with two missed FGs and ELEVEN penalties, including FIVE personal fouls. 

There’s no question.  Right now, this team is mistake-prone and undisciplined.  Let us count just some of the ways:

  • Another tip-ball interception.
  • An awful decision by Eli for an end-zone interception.
  • A chop-block penalty on Bradshaw that negated a 40-yard completion and turned it into nine points (safety and ensuing TD drive).
  • A Bradshaw fumble at the 5-yard line, coupled with a Diehl personal foul.
  • A missed FG, made 5 yards longer by a Delay of Game penalty, and followed with yet another personal foul.

The should beat a bad Carolina team at home, they should lose to a very good Indy team on the road.  This was a winnable home game against another middle-of-the-road, maybe/maybe not playoff team…and they shit the bed.

Doesn’t smell good, doesn’t look good.


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