Oh, wait, my bad.  It’s just Glenn “Lonesome Rhodes”* Beck and his Insane Clown Posse of pasty, old, white people at Great Adventure protesting…um…who the fuck knows what…or who.

Restoring America?  To what exactly?  Longing for those glorious Leave It To Beaver days of the ’50s and 60s?  You know, like when blacks couldn’t eat at the lunch counter, drink from the water fountain or go to integrated schools?  Or when women couldn’t get equal pay for equal work or have access to birth control?  Or when gays were so far into the closet they couldn’t see the light of day?  Yeah, man,  Black and white TV and AM radio.  Good times, eh?  Sure do miss those days.

Who’s conspiring to keep the white people down now?  Who’s the enemy this week?  Muslims?  Mexicans?  Unions?  Gays?   It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?

Of course, Beck seems to be doing OK.  This fucking charlatan made about $35 million last year.  Same thing with all of them:  Hannity, Palin, O”Reilly, Limbaugh.  Multi-freakin-millionnaire con artists, every one of them, but they care about the “folks,” right?  Yeah, right.

They want to “take their country back.”  Guess what, fuckheads.  You HAD the country for the past eight years (and 20 of the past 28, but who’s counting?) and ran it into a ditch.  It’s like Obama said the other day:  just when we start to get the car out of the ditch, you tap us on the shoulder and ask for the keys back.  Really?  How about No Fucking Way?

I’d be laughing if I didn’t feel sorry for these sad people — marks for the carny barkers — as they fill the coffers of Beck and pals at Great Adventure.  As the famous T-shirt says:  “Welcome to New Jersey….Now Get The Hell Out.”

*If you’re not familiar with the Lonesome Rhodes reference, check out IMDB and A Face In The Crowd, a 1957 classic written by the great Budd Schulberg and directed by the equally great Elia Kazan.  It stars Andy Griffith (yes, Andy of Mayberry) in a career-making role, unlike anything else he’s done before or since.          


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