Giants 17, Bears 3

Much better.  Certainly not perfect, not even great, but much, much better.  First, that was a dominant defensive performance.  They held the Bears to 3 points, 6 first downs, 110 total yards and 0-13 on third-down conversions.  Throw in three takeaways and 10 sacks, three each by Osi and Tuck, and we knocked two QBs out of the game.  Dominant for sure, but let me see that again before I get too optimistic.

The Bears were 3-0, including wins over Green Bay and Dallas, but you saw tonight they couldn’t block Friar Tuck, much less Justin Tuck, and I’m not a big Cutler guy.   By the third series tonight, he was clearly rattled, if not flat-out scared.  I’m not convinced you can win anything with that guy.  So, again, cautious optimism for the Giants in winning this one.

Although the Giants were much more disciplined and kept their previous penalty issues under control, they had three more turnovers and have had at least three in all four games this year.  That has to get better if they’re going to be any good this season.  Good job by Bradshaw, despite his fumble, and more big plays by Nicks on the two TD drives.  The fact that we couldn’t turn either of those two first-half turnovers into points was frustrating and kept the score closer than it should have been.  Finally, Brandon Jacobs?  WTF?

We did what we had to do.  We’re 2-2 at the quarter pole and in a three-way tie for first.  All our division games are in front of us and those will likely tell the ultimate tale of who we are and where we are, or are not, going.


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