MLB Playoffs – It’s October!

Can’t you just feel it?  October baseball.  When heroes and legends are made.  The NFL is just getting started, the NHL and NBA are still on the horizon.  October (and now early November) belongs to postseason baseball.

I’m a terrible prognosticator (see my “work” earlier this year on the NHL and NBA playoffs), so I’ll avoid making any bold, much less correct, series picks, but I will make a prediction.  The Yankees, Rays, Phillies and Giants are all clear favorites in the first round — at least one of them won’t make it to the next round.

All the favorites have relative weaknesses/vulnerabilities:  The Yanks have starting pitching issues, the Phils have bullpen questions, the Rays and Giants both have challenges in scoring runs.  You can make a reasonable case for any of them to lose. 

We have two surprise guests at this party; no one predicted that the Rangers or Reds would make the playoffs.  I think one of them will continue to surprise and get to the League Championship Series.  So, which one?  Rangers over Rays or Reds over Phillies?

It’s hard to pick against Philly; they’re two-time defending NL champs, they finished 41-19 and have three terrific starting pitchers.  Start to finish, they’ve had the best team in baseball this year.  So, Texas over Tampa is the more likely upset, but I just have this funny feeling about Cincy.

Of course, considering my record, get ready for Tampa and Philly in the World Series, a rematch of 2008.

Play ball!


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