Giants 34, Texans 10

I must admit, I didn’t expect this.  I did not like the Giants in this game today and really though they might get killed.  Instead, we have what is clearly our most impressive win of the young season, totally outplaying a good team on the road.

It started early — three straight TD drives after a first-series, three-and-out — and continued late — putting it away with a 3rd-quarter FG drive and 4th-quarter TD.  Dominant defensive performance for the second consecutive week (good pass rush and two takeaways), nice running by both Bradshaw and Jacobs,  another big game from Nicks and three TD passes from Eli.  Even the special teams were better:  3-3 on FGs, solid punting by Dodge and excellent kick coverage (we still have no return game, but nobody’s perfect).

We still take too many penalties (nine more today), though most just hurt with field position during kick returns.  We had a bad start to the second half with some really odd, ill-advised decisions by Eli that resulted in consecutive picks, one of which Houston converted into a TD to briefly give them some life.     

Minor stuff in the larger scheme of things.   This was mostly an outstanding effort and the first time we’ve won two straight in a year.  Let’s see if we can make it three over an improved Detroit team, which got its first win today, at home next week.


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