MLB Playoffs – Round 2

First, thank God it finally gets started tonight.  If I have to read any more, or hear any more on the FAN or ESPN, about these series, I might kill myself.  Let’s just play already, most of the talk is nonsense:  Cliff Lee has resin on his hat, AJ Burnett will get slaughtered, this one’s gonna pitch on three days rest, and on and on and on.  Like I said, let’s play.

I’m not going to make predictions (although you might recall I picked Texas to upset Tampa in the ALDS).  Clearly, the Yanks and Phils are heavy favorites to get to a rematch of last year’s World Series; in fact, the Phils are nearly 3-1 which is an enormous favorite for postseason baseball.

Yes, I think they’ll both win.  Yes, either or both could lose.  And yes, the Rangers have a better chance to pull a surprise than the Giants.  

The Rangers can hit and their mostly righty lineup somewhat negates CC and Andy, but I think the Yanks will hit their pitching as well.  The biggest Yankee edge is the same one they’ve had for 15 years: Rivera.  You cannot underestimate how hard it is to get the last three outs in a playoff game.     The Giants and Braves have already failed at that this year.  Did you know that last year, seven of the eight playoff teams had a blown save?  Guess which team didn’t.

The Giants do have shutdown starting pitching, but so do the Phils and they can hit to support it; the Giants might not score 10 runs in this entire series.

Play ball.


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