ALCS Game 1 – Yanks 6, Rangers 5

Nolan Ryan’s face really says it all, doesn’t it?  Like a kick in the groin.  Obviously, I was wrong in my earlier post about the last three outs of a playoff game; I meant to say the eighth inning.  The Rangers sorry bullpen couldn’t even get this game to their closer.

As always, baseball is made up of seemingly tiny yet key moments:

  1. First Inning, CC has nothing, bases loaded, tough right-hand hitter Cantu up ready to blow the game open and the first pitch is over Posada’s head.  Knucklehead Nelson Cruz, last seen styling a triple into a double in Game 5 vs. Tampa, tries to score from third and is out on a great play by Posada/CC…inning over.  You’d think Cruz would know that the backstop in his own park is a brick wall and the ball will come flying back to the catcher.  BTW, for all the bitching about umps, great call at home plate, ump was in perfect position and Cruz appeared safe, but replays showed him clearly out.
  2. Third Inning, Rangers have a runner at third, less than two outs, ground ball to A-Rod, he gets in front of it, knocks it down, throws guy out, no run scores.
  3. Eighth Inning, with the bases loaded, A-Rod hits a rocket to third, Michael Young does an ole, ball gets by him, two runs score.
  4. Eighth Inning, Kinsler walks on four pitches and gets picked off by Kerry Wood.  Do that in a high school game and you’ll be running laps for hours.

In baseball, the little things add up.  Yanks lead series, 1-0.


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