ALCS Game 3 – Rangers 8, Yanks 0

Rangers win their second straight and regain home field, behind a dominating game by Cliff Lee, to take 2-1 series lead.  Andy Pettitte gave the Yanks what they needed — a solid effort from a starter — with only two runs allowed in seven strong innings, but it wasn’t enough.

Yeah, Robertson blew up the game in the ninth, but the Yankee bullpen had 10 consecutive scoreless innings in this series and you can’t really complain when you only get two hits and have 13 Ks over the first eight.   Lee shut them down, you tip your cap and move on.

The Rangers needed this one more: if their ace loses and they go down 2-1, they might never get back to Texas.  Now, we have a series and the Yanks need to respond, especially with the bats.  The sticks need to wake up, no doubt about it.

I know everyone’s focused on, and worried about, AJ Burnett and I get that.  Here’s my question:  is anyone worried about Tommy Hunter?  Anyone think he’s shutting down the Bombers tomorrow night?  If he does, then it’s time to worry.  But not tonight, and not yet.


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