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Giants 24, Jaguars 20

November 28, 2010

Wow.  Exciting, thrilling, nerve-wracking, season-saving win for Big Blue this afternoon.  And no, season-saving is not an overstatement.  Not after two straight losses, facing a division home game against the Skins next week before three of the last four on the road (@Minny, Philly, @Green Bay, @Washington).  This one kept the Giants alive and kicking at 7-4.

It really was a tale of two halves.  In the first half, they never stopped Jacksonville which had three drives and 37 plays  (TD, FG, TD) for about 240 yards and a 17-6 lead.    The second half was, uh, different:  INT, Punt, Punt, FG, Punt until the final series which, after a first down at the Giant 29, went Sack, Sack, Strip Sack w/fumble recovery.  Game over.

There were many plusses on the offensive side for the Giants, who won the second half 18-3, including a makeshift O-line (no sacks and 5.2 per rush), great running by Jacobs, nice grabs and second-half TDs for Manningham and Boss and a wonderful, turnover-free game from Eli.  Funny how much easier it is to win a game with no turnovers.

Underrated big play of the game:  bulldog effort by Bradshaw on the two-point conversion which tied the game and set up of the fourth quarter in favor of the Giants.


Eagles 27, Giants 17

November 22, 2010

This will be short, because I just cannot bear it.  I hate losing to the Eagles, even on the road, even though we’re still in a good place record-wise and with the Beagles having to come to our house in about a month.

Forget the plays from last night, forget all the stats.  For all the playmakers the Giants have on offense and defense — and there are plenty — you just can’t shake the awful feeling that this season will end tragically.

This team is either going to miss the playoffs, or lose a playoff game, because the QB, the running backs and even the wide receivers do NOT protect the football.  Simple as that.  Or, perhaps our frighteningly inconsistent punter will drop yet another snap or kick one 20 yards.  One or the other or both.

Something awful will happen if we don’t fix this and we have no reason, other than hope, to believe we can.

Dude, Where’s My Healthcare?

November 16, 2010

You just Can Not Make This Up.  This guy (GOP, of course) runs for Congress campaigning against the President’s Healthcare Plan and what does he ask about when he shows up for orientation?  Funny thing, sounds like he’s asking for the public option.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska

November 16, 2010

No, of course, I didn’t see it.  Hell, the sound of her voice makes my ears bleed.  I did, however, love this line from Alessandra Stanley’s review in The New York Times:

In a way it’s like “The Sound of Music” but without the romance, the Nazis or the music.

And, as another of my favorite bloggers pointed out, TLC is like the BET Network for white people who like everything about BET except…you know…all the Negroes.

Cowboys 33, Giants 20

November 14, 2010

Disappointing, for sure, but not really surprising.  The G-Men had won five straight and were due for a stinker and the Cowboys were way overdue just to try hard and get something done for their new coach. 

Mistakes?  Oh, plenty.  A 101-yard pick six, a 14-point turnaround that gave the “Boys hope early; a 71-yard screen pass TD on third and long, a third and 22 conversion that led to a TD.  There was the dropped first down catch by Nicks on a crossing pattern that might have been a TD (it was second and 20, the Giants drive later ended when they couldn’t convert fourth and 1).

No excuses, the Cowboys made the plays today; Kitna, Bryant, Felix Jones.   So, now the Giants are one of five NFC teams at 6-3 (six, if Philly beats Washington tomorrow night), a game behind Atlanta.  Nothing’s been decided yet and Big Blue is still in a good spot, but big game next Sunday night against Philly.

Tax Cuts

November 13, 2010

Seriously, is there anything else you need to know?

This is a simple graph charting the differences in the income tax proposals of Democrats and Republicans. 

As you can see, they’re almost identical…until you get to the rates for those making $500,000 or more.

Any questions?

Dim Bulb

November 10, 2010

Bush’s book:  It’s worse than we thought; it appears we may have misoverestimated him.  You start two wars, fuck up the economy, torture people around the globe and your worst moments involve Kanye West, Michael Moore and picking up dog poo?  Really?

Giants 41, Seahawks 7

November 7, 2010

Let’s just say I hope we’re not peaking too soon.  Sure, in retrospect, everyone thought the Giants would win fairly easily.  Seattle’s QB was out and they had injuries on  the offensive line, but let’s not forget the Hawks were 4-3 (3-0 at home) and leading the NFC West and the Giants traveled out West to a place where they’ve never won, coming off their bye week when they normally don’t perform well.  This wasn’t exactly like playing Carolina or Buffalo.

The Giants made sure early and often this would never be a game: 21-0 at the quarter, 35-0 at half, garbage time for the entire second half which is pretty rare in the NFL these days.

Right now, Big Blue can run it and throw it, they tackle, cover and rush the passer.  If you want to beat this team, you’ll need turnovers and/or big plays on special teams.

At 6-2, they’re set up well but only halfway there.  Five division games in the final eight, two tough road games in Green Bay and Minny and the Jags at home.  Three more wins will probably get them in the playoffs, four most certainly will.  More than four and you can start talking about home playoff games, maybe a bye, maybe even NFC home field throughout.  Long way to go, but a successful and satisfying first half of the season.