Giants 41, Seahawks 7

Let’s just say I hope we’re not peaking too soon.  Sure, in retrospect, everyone thought the Giants would win fairly easily.  Seattle’s QB was out and they had injuries on  the offensive line, but let’s not forget the Hawks were 4-3 (3-0 at home) and leading the NFC West and the Giants traveled out West to a place where they’ve never won, coming off their bye week when they normally don’t perform well.  This wasn’t exactly like playing Carolina or Buffalo.

The Giants made sure early and often this would never be a game: 21-0 at the quarter, 35-0 at half, garbage time for the entire second half which is pretty rare in the NFL these days.

Right now, Big Blue can run it and throw it, they tackle, cover and rush the passer.  If you want to beat this team, you’ll need turnovers and/or big plays on special teams.

At 6-2, they’re set up well but only halfway there.  Five division games in the final eight, two tough road games in Green Bay and Minny and the Jags at home.  Three more wins will probably get them in the playoffs, four most certainly will.  More than four and you can start talking about home playoff games, maybe a bye, maybe even NFC home field throughout.  Long way to go, but a successful and satisfying first half of the season.


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