Cowboys 33, Giants 20

Disappointing, for sure, but not really surprising.  The G-Men had won five straight and were due for a stinker and the Cowboys were way overdue just to try hard and get something done for their new coach. 

Mistakes?  Oh, plenty.  A 101-yard pick six, a 14-point turnaround that gave the “Boys hope early; a 71-yard screen pass TD on third and long, a third and 22 conversion that led to a TD.  There was the dropped first down catch by Nicks on a crossing pattern that might have been a TD (it was second and 20, the Giants drive later ended when they couldn’t convert fourth and 1).

No excuses, the Cowboys made the plays today; Kitna, Bryant, Felix Jones.   So, now the Giants are one of five NFC teams at 6-3 (six, if Philly beats Washington tomorrow night), a game behind Atlanta.  Nothing’s been decided yet and Big Blue is still in a good spot, but big game next Sunday night against Philly.


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