Eagles 27, Giants 17

This will be short, because I just cannot bear it.  I hate losing to the Eagles, even on the road, even though we’re still in a good place record-wise and with the Beagles having to come to our house in about a month.

Forget the plays from last night, forget all the stats.  For all the playmakers the Giants have on offense and defense — and there are plenty — you just can’t shake the awful feeling that this season will end tragically.

This team is either going to miss the playoffs, or lose a playoff game, because the QB, the running backs and even the wide receivers do NOT protect the football.  Simple as that.  Or, perhaps our frighteningly inconsistent punter will drop yet another snap or kick one 20 yards.  One or the other or both.

Something awful will happen if we don’t fix this and we have no reason, other than hope, to believe we can.


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