Giants 24, Jaguars 20

Wow.  Exciting, thrilling, nerve-wracking, season-saving win for Big Blue this afternoon.  And no, season-saving is not an overstatement.  Not after two straight losses, facing a division home game against the Skins next week before three of the last four on the road (@Minny, Philly, @Green Bay, @Washington).  This one kept the Giants alive and kicking at 7-4.

It really was a tale of two halves.  In the first half, they never stopped Jacksonville which had three drives and 37 plays  (TD, FG, TD) for about 240 yards and a 17-6 lead.    The second half was, uh, different:  INT, Punt, Punt, FG, Punt until the final series which, after a first down at the Giant 29, went Sack, Sack, Strip Sack w/fumble recovery.  Game over.

There were many plusses on the offensive side for the Giants, who won the second half 18-3, including a makeshift O-line (no sacks and 5.2 per rush), great running by Jacobs, nice grabs and second-half TDs for Manningham and Boss and a wonderful, turnover-free game from Eli.  Funny how much easier it is to win a game with no turnovers.

Underrated big play of the game:  bulldog effort by Bradshaw on the two-point conversion which tied the game and set up of the fourth quarter in favor of the Giants.


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