Giants 31, Redskins 7

Excellent, dominant performance by Big Blue.  This one was like a few routs earlier this year against Houston and Seattle; they left no doubt right from the start, beginning with their best kick return all year by Ware.  Boom, TD.  Boom, TD.  They exchange turnovers and Boom, TD.

They had 20 carries for 140 yards at halftime and, after a 28-yard TD by Jacobs in the 3rd quarter, pounded it with Bradshaw.  Dominated with the run all day and had no sacks allowed for the fifth straight game.

Defense?  Four sacks.  Four fumble recoveries and six turnovers total.   Two more sacks and a fumble recovery for JP Paul.   Specials were great all day with punting, kick coverage and a blocked punt.

One bad play:  Terrible decision by Eli on a end-zone interception, but I hated the call, too.  First and goal at the four with the running game going?  No need for pass there.  Run it at least once before pass…but, again, really bad idea by Manning.  It’s the Giants fourth goal-to-go turnover this year, most in the NFL.  Here’s an idea:  stop doing that. 

One last thing:  DE Jason Pierre-Paul may be on his way to stardom.  He’s just bursting out of the game the way WR Hakeem Nicks earlier this year did until he got hurt.   Paul and Nicks are the Giants’ last two first round picks.


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