Championship Sunday

As they say in the Bud Light commercials:  Here We Go!

The NFC is a classic rivalry match-up between the Bears and Packers in Chicago.  Aaron Rodgers is playing at a very high level, similar to what we saw last year from Drew Brees and in previous years from the likes of Brady and Manning.  Surprisingly, the Bears have improved, most notably since the Giants embarrassed their O-line with a 10-sack game earlier this year.

Everyone, including me, likes the Pack here which worries me a bit.  The Bears are home, have a legitimate game-breaker in Hester returning kicks, three big-play guys on D — Peppers, Uhrlacher and Briggs — and a gunslinging QB capable of, well, almost anything, good or bad.

The Pack was my preseason NFC pick for the Super Bowl, along with the Ravens in the AFC, and I’ll stick with them here, 20-13.

In the AFC, I can’t be even vaguely objective.  Hate the Jets, rooting hard for the Steelers, but I got a bad feeling about this.  By bad, I mean the Jets winning this in Pittsburgh.  Why not?  The Jets have won four road playoff games the past two years, including beating Rivers, Manning and Brady.   Serial Creep Big Ben is next on their hit list.  I say Jets, 16-10.


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