The Envelope Please

The Academy Awards tomorrow night, consistently the second most-watched TV show of the season, after the Super Bowl.  More often than not, it’s a mess of  a TV show…again, not unlike the Super Bowl.  Wouldn’t it better if everyone was drinking like at the Golden Globes?  And if Charlie Sheen were involved?

Anyway, no real surprises or upsets are expected:  The King’s Speech, Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale and Melissa Leo are all likely and more or less deserving winners.  Firth and Bale appear to be mortal locks, but Bening and Steinfeld could sneak in as could The Social Network.

More interesting for me are the nominations themselves, specifically the snubs.  For instance:

  • Why no love for Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter?  He finds the story, picks the director, picks the cast, turns himself into a boxer and it gets three acting and a Best Director nomination, but he gets left out?
  • Michelle Williams, but not Ryan Gosling, for Blue Valentine?  Annette Bening, but not Julianne Moore, for The Kids Are All Right?  Really?  They’re pretty much matched sets; give me both or neither.
  • The worst is no Best Director nod for Christopher Nolan, previously overlooked for Memento and The Dark Knight.   For me, The Fighter is mostly an acting achievement and The Social Network is a writer’s triumph.  Inception is the result of a unique, creative vision of a  director, more than any nominated film with the possible exception of Black Swan.
  • And, not for nothing, but how is Hailee Steinfeld nominated for Best Supporting Actress?  Did any of the voters watch that movie?  If she’s not the lead role, I don’t know what one is.  She’s in every damn frame of the film, much like the other young actress cited for a terrific leading performance, Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone.  

Seriously, tell me this wouldn’t be the highest-rated show in history if Charlie Sheen was involved?


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