Sweet Sixteen

There’s a lot to like about the NCAA tournament generally, but plenty of specific reasons this year.  You have star players (Walker, Fredette, Sullinger) and marquis teams (Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Ohio State, UConn); you have two unfamiliar programs that have had great seasons (San Diego St., BYU) as well as some underdog Cinderellas (VCU, Richmond, Florida St.); and you have great balance from the standpoint of both leagues (10 conferences are represented and only the ACC has as many as three teams) and geography (16 schools from 12 states coast-to-coast with no state having more than two teams).

Not all 16 teams can win the title, but all these teams can still win another game or two.  Ohio State and Kansas remain favorites but the team that’s been most impressive may be VCU, who whipped Georgetown and Purdue.

Here’s one opinion on this round of games:


  • SD St. over UConn
  • Florida over BYU
  • Duke over Arizona
  • Butler over Wisconsin


  • UNC over Marquette
  • Kansas over Richmond
  • Ohio State over Kentucky
  • VCU over Florida St.

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