Some Reflections…

…on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with baseball getting into full swing and The Final Four set for tonight.  Unfortunately, however, it’s also three years ago today that my brother Pete passed away.  The memories, of course, are awful: the phone call, the rush to his bedside, wake, Mass, funeral, a family in distress as we lose a treasured loved one.  Everyone goes through it; doesn’t make it any easier.

I’m not one for maudlin sentiments or “anniversaries,” but I’m also not one to forget.  It’s funny what triggers the memories.  For me, it’s when I see or read about the latest horror or sci-fi movie or TV show or comic book superhero adaptation.  It’s something we had in common since we were kids; Superman, Batman, all the Marvel characters, Star Trek, Creature Features Saturday nights on Channel 11.  I thought of him just this week when viewing promos and trailers for the new Wonder Woman TV show and the Thor and Captain America movies coming out soon.

We all miss him: my mom, my aunt, my brother, my sister and, of course, his own immediate family.  I think how proud and pleased he’d be that his loving wife does all she can to just carry on day after day and how strong she is in keeping his family together and moving forward.  And how proud he’d be of his son, just recently accepted into a Master’s program at Seton Hall, and his daughter, who just marked her 16th birthday.  They are his legacy.

Miss you, man…


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