Oh Yeah, Almost Forgot…

…congrats to Dallas for winning the NBA title.  I’m as guilty as anyone in focusing on LeBron and the Heat, i.e., the losers, instead of the team that actually won it.

Nowitzki vaults himself up the list of great players, maybe as high as Top 20; future Hall-of-Famer Jason Kidd and solid veterans like Terry, Marion and Tyson Chandler close the deal as well.  Congrats to all of them.  Well done.

The other big winner in my view has to be Rick Carlisle.   Just a fantastic coaching  job that elevates him dramatically as an NBA team leader and strategist.   Two things.   One, going to a zone defense totally took Miami out of their game.  Two, inserting JJ Barea into the starting lineup.  Remember, Barea had a terrible Game 3 as the Heat went up 2-1 and many thought he might take him out of the rotation entirely.  Instead, he puts him in the starting lineup and Dallas never looks back.

Great job by Carlisle.  Great job by Dallas.  Good for Mark Cuban, too.


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