That’s Gonna Leave A Mark…

…a permanent one on the legacy of LeBron James.  No way to sugarcoat it.  First, he can forget about ever entering the top-tier of all-time greats; that’s out of reach now.  Jordan, Russell, Kareem, Bird, Magic?  Not a chance.

He didn’t play like an all-time great, his teammates didn’t treat him like an all-time great, hell, even the refs didn’t give him the calls that an all-timer would usually get.

I mean, when he wasn’t running away from the ball, he was trying to pass it when he’s three feet from the rim, unable to post up Barea without bludgeoning him and gets ignored by Chalmers (!!) on a fast break in the fourth quarter.

Never seen anything like it from a player of that level.  Can anyone imagine Jordan, Bird or Magic having fourth quarters like that in the NBA Finals?  Didn’t think so.  Case closed.


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