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That’s Baseball, Susan…

September 29, 2011

…as Yankee radio announcer John Sterling is fond of saying to his broadcast partner.  Live, unpredictable, unscripted drama, which is what makes sports the best kind of reality TV.

Last night, the Red Sox and Braves completed the two worst September collapses in baseball history (9-game and 8 1/2-game leads, respectively).  In less than five minutes of actual time, the Red Sox blew a ninth-inning lead to the Orioles and the Rays improbably overcame a 7-0 deficit to the Yankees to gain the AL Wild Card.

A few “fun facts” from last night:

  • The Yankees had not blown a lead that big, that late in any game since…1953!!
  • This season, the Red Sox were 76-0 when leading entering the ninth inning…until Game 162.
  • Evan Longoria became just the second player in baseball history to hit a walkoff HR in the last game of the season to put his team into the postseason.  The first?  Bobby Thompson and The Shot Heard Round The World in 1951.
  • The Red Sox started the season 2-10 and finished it 7-20; that’s 9-30 if you’re keeping score.  It also means in the 4 1/2 months in between, they were 81-42, nearly 40 games over .500, and now they’re going home.   Sweet Caroline, indeed.

Nights like last night can only happen in baseball.   As Redford said so simply yet dramatically to Glenn Close in The Natural: “God I love baseball.”


Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…

September 24, 2011

…Can’t Lose.  Great retrospective piece on what was the best drama on network television, “Friday Night Lights.”

The Rich Get Richer…

September 23, 2011

Interesting chart:


With Friends Like These…

September 23, 2011

The world leaders in the death penalty, in order of number of executions in 2010:

1. China
2. Iran
3. North Korea
4. Yemen
5. USA
6. Saudi Arabia
7. Libya
8. Syria
9. Bangladesh
10. Somalia

There’s something to be said about the company you keep.

Please, I’m Begging You…

September 11, 2011

…stop,  just stop.   This 10th “anniversary” of 9/11 is killing me.  What the hell does the NFL have to do with 9/11?  Every commercial, every break in the action, dopey ribbons, lapel pins, red, white and blue uniform accessories, flags and on and on.  More phony patriotism and “mourning porn” than I can stand.  Enough already. 

And, in case no one noticed, the terrorists won.  As a country we are fucked and have been for the past ten years.  We’re bankrupt, fighting two endless wars with no purpose, we’ve shredded the Constitution and our other supposed principles from wiretaps and illegal searches to torture and other war crimes.

Here’s the real legacy of 9/11: