You Can’t Spell Elite…

…without E-L-I.  Yes, that Eli.  Yes, the “other” Manning.  Can we finally end the discussion about whether or not Eli belongs on the short list of elite QBs in the NFL after yesterday’s dramatic comeback, two of them actually, against the Pats in New England?

He led the Giants on two drives in the last seven minutes — one for 85 yards, one for 80 yards — against a Pats team that had won 20 straight regular season home games overall (of course, they have lost their last two home playoff games) and 31 straight with Brady at QB.  All this without his best receiver and his best running back, although special notice to Brandon Jacobs who played his best game in a while in the absence of Bradshaw, as well as continued good play by Victor Cruz and Jake Ballard (don’t hear anyone bitching about Steve Smith or Kevin Boss any more, do you?) and, finally, the emergence of Ramses Barden who we’ve been waiting for since he got hurt last year.

And, while we ‘re at it, kudos to the much-maligned Giants LB corps, especially Kiwanuka and Boley who combined for 22 tackles, an interception and a forced fumble.

Nicely done, Big Blue.


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