Big Effin Blue

Well, what do we have here?  It seems like another well-timed, thrilling postseason run by Eli, Coughlin and the Jints. 

I know it’s rather obvious, but when you stop the run, rush the passer, cover and tackle well, make big plays in the passing game and run the ball effectively in late-game situations, you’re likely to do well in the NFL playoffs.  Oh, and did I mention plus 3 in turnovers?

Make no mistake, the Giants put a whipping on the defending champs that could have been worse than the score except for two horrible ref calls, each of which extended the two Packer TD drives. 

On the offensive side, terrific protection for Eli, which helped on a number of third-and-long conversions, and the continued development of Manning-Nicks as one of the premier QB/WR combos in the league.

Tremendous effort on D, especially Osi with two sacks and forced fumble ( a play that saved a TD) and Boley with two sacks.  The secondary played very well, especially our triple-headed safety of Rolle, Phillips and Grant.

It’s on to SF next week with the Super Bowl on the line.

In other news, New Orleans is still not good enough outdoors, Houston is still not good enough with a third-string QB and Tebow is still just not good enough period.


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