The GOP Clown Car Rolls On…

…and now, Rick Santorum is driving it, or at least in the front seat with the Mittster?  Seriously?  Rick Santorum?  The guy who lost his last election in his home state of Pennsylvania, as the incumbent U.S. Senator, by 18 points!  That Rick Santorum?

The guy who, along with the entire Republican field, is all in with Catholic Bishops on opposition to contraception — opposed to contraception in the 21st century.  The crowd most concerned about abortion are simultaneously against contraception?  How does that work exactly?  For Santorum and the Bishops it means sex only between married couples for the purpose of procreation.  Unless we’re talking about sex with altar boys, but I digress.  Good luck with that position.

So, the party that’s already demonstrably anti-poor, anti-black, anti-Hispanic and anti-gay now wants to take a position that’s anti-women?   Their entire voting base consists of rednecks, religious zealots and rich white guys.  Talk about your one-percenters.  Obama has got to be just giddy about this, don’t you think?

BTW, if you want a good laugh, try Googling the word “Santorum.”   The number one definition is the result of a Google Bomb by Dan Savage and other gay activists.  I guess they were a little offended that Santorum once said gay marriage could lead to man-on-dog sex.

Yeah, he really said that.


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