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May 17, 2012

Larry Bird, of course.  Interesting discussion on ESPN this morning after Bird was named Executive of the Year in the NBA, the first person ever to be named Player, Coach and Exec of the Year. 

Here’s the question:

Has Larry Bird now had the greatest career, not just in basketball, but in all of American sports?

Here, in part, are the resume highlights:

  • Wooden Award for college player of the year
  • NBA Rookie of the Year
  • NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • Two-time NBA Finals MVP
  • Three-time NBA champion
  • Olympic Gold Medal winner
  • NBA Coach of the Year (three-year record of nearly 70% winning percentage and only coach to take the Pacers to the NBA Finals)
  • NBA Executive (GM) of the Year

The only real competitor I can think of is Jerry West.  They’re arguably relatively equal as all-time great players, Bird has the better coaching record, West probably has the better GM career, and, of course, Jerry West is the freaking NBA logo.

Interesting debate, no?


Richards Shoots…

May 8, 2012

HE SCORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in Stanley Cup history, a team scores the tying goal with less than 10 seconds left and the game-winning goal less than two minutes into overtime.

Game 7 win in the first round? Check.  Triple-overtime win? Check.  Now this.  Keep this up and they’ll be etching some familiar names onto Lord Stanley’s Cup later this spring.